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Script Path

Posted: 09 Jan 2021, 21:13
by leopardo-40
I need a Path Script that does this.
1 º I create a Round Path.
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2º In the center I make a new.
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3º Now what I want is Path Script, which creates several Paths (10, 20, 30) from the Center to the Grande without having to do it one by one.
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Tim are you able to do?

Re: Script Path

Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 00:13
by Krikor
With the Ofnuts path-Inbetwenner plug-in you would only need to create the two initial paths. Then it creates the paths between those two initial paths.
Download site - ... s/scripts/
Krikor - image sample
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Re: Script Path

Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 17:19
by leopardo-40
I didn't remember (or never needed) that the 2 paths have to have the same points.

Krikor, Thanks..